Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Knight of Excellence" with Emily

This post will be in purple because that is Emily's favorite color.

A few weeks ago John and I got an invitation in the mail inviting us to come with Emily to the junior high to the Knight of Excellence. It said Sunday best so we knew it was going to be nicer than say a PTA meeting at the school. Emily being our oldest we did not know what to expect. John is Michael's baseball coach and they had a game that night so Emily and I headed off to the school dressed up in our finest duds.
It was such a nice program, several teachers spoke and then they handed out the awards. Emily was given 2 awards one for being on the high honor roll all year long and the other was for being on the high citizenship honor roll all year long. It was so nice, the kids came across the stage and shook hands with the principal kind of like graduation. I was so proud of our smart, beautiful, kind young lady. There has been alot of transition this year and she enjoys junior high.
Here is some video.
Love, Amber


Anonymous said...

Emily, we are so proud of you. Thanks Amber for putting this on the blog. You go Emily.
G&G Bell in Samoa

Brianna! said...

I think my average GPA was 3.58 or something like that... GOOD JOB!