Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Knight of Excellence" with Emily

This post will be in purple because that is Emily's favorite color.

A few weeks ago John and I got an invitation in the mail inviting us to come with Emily to the junior high to the Knight of Excellence. It said Sunday best so we knew it was going to be nicer than say a PTA meeting at the school. Emily being our oldest we did not know what to expect. John is Michael's baseball coach and they had a game that night so Emily and I headed off to the school dressed up in our finest duds.
It was such a nice program, several teachers spoke and then they handed out the awards. Emily was given 2 awards one for being on the high honor roll all year long and the other was for being on the high citizenship honor roll all year long. It was so nice, the kids came across the stage and shook hands with the principal kind of like graduation. I was so proud of our smart, beautiful, kind young lady. There has been alot of transition this year and she enjoys junior high.
Here is some video.
Love, Amber

Monday, May 11, 2009

4th Grade Mountain Man Rendezvous

Friday was the 4th grade Mt Man Rendezvous. It was so much fun. A real mountain man came and talked with the kids and there were several cannons that went off. The kids really liked the cannons. Michael came home and told me he wants to be a pyrotech and light projectiles in the air! I was in charge of the tool table, the kids hammered pegs into wood with rocks. It was fun. They caught fish with their bare hands and then gutted them, YUCK! He brought it home and John helped him cook it on the grill. He ate the whole thing, he loved it. Sophia also caught a fish, she wanted to feel how slippery they were. There was a pie eating contest and Michael was chosen to participate. Here is a video of him trying his best. He looks like he might hurl at the end but he manages to keep it down.
I have lots of videos I need to download. The Bells have had a very busy week. Michael is going strong in baseball. Sophia started soft ball practice. Emily was given 2 awards at the "Knight of Excellence" as she is a Kaysville Knight on Tuesday for being on the honor roll all year. Michael and Emily are getting ready for piano recitals. The end of the year is so crazy but also alot of fun. I went on the 4th grade field trip to the planetarium and the state Capitol with Michael and his class. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful.
Love, Amber

Monday, April 6, 2009

Jonny Bees

So, John has been wanting to be a beekeeper for some time now. He has read many books on bees. Saturday he introduced the bees and the queen to our new hive. It was quite exciting and the kids, John and I are looking forward to watching the bees this summer. We will harvest the honey in the fall. Here is a video it is kinda long, but interesting. Love ya, Amber Anne


Thank You to everyone who has called to check on John. His surgery went very well. His face is very swollen. I took a picture when we got home, I will try to post it later. The doctor had a very hard time getting his wisdom tooth out so he really tugged on John's mouth, that is where most of his pain is coming from.
I just wanted to say Thank You for checking on him. The Motrin and Percocet are keeping him quite happy.
I have video of our bees, I will try to post that later also.
Love, Amber

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We have a teenager in the house!!!

Sunday, March 1st Emily Bell turned 13! I can't believe she is a teenager. I just brought her home from the hospital.

Emily has been sick, she has a sinus infection and ear infection in both ears. So, she wasn't feeling too well for her birthday, she didn't even want her birthday cake. Sophia finished her frosting for her!

John took her to breakfast on Saturday and then to Michael's to buy a new font for her cricuit. She got a mirror from Michael so she can put her contacts in, a Mama Mia CD from Sophia, 6 packages of her favorite gum, a photo album from G&G Bell, watch from Mom and Dad, G&G Patty gave her a shopping trip and $13.00!!! Singiing phone calls from Aunt Ammie and Aunt Ginger. She had a great day. She is feeling better today. She is getting to be so grown up.

HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!! We love you.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sophia Bell is 6 years old!!!

Sophia's favorite color is pink!

Sophia turned 6 years old on Thanksgiving Day! It was fun to have a birthday girl in our house on Thanksgiving because we were home all day with her.
When Sophia was born we all referred to her as the baby. I don't know why we just did. I just can't believe that the baby is now 6!!!! It seems like she was just born.

Sophia is very special to our family. We really wanted her. Her brother has loved her and been very protective of her since the day she came home from the hospital. He is always the first one to put his arm around her if she has been sad or the first to give her a hug of excitement over something good. Sophia and Emily have both been sick and Emily has let her sleep in her room to share the humidifier. After they didn't need it any more Emily asked if she could still sleep with her. It was very sweet.
So, we had a great Thanksgiving Day. We don't like turkey so we had ham and Sophia asked for pasta with alfredo sauce. We had an apple pie and birthday cake.

Sophia got a Crayola glow station(which she has been dying to have) from Grandma and Grandpa Patty and a CD of Camp Rock from the kids(which Emily said 2 hours after they gave it to her they were regretting, she plays it all the time) a GC from G&G Bell, press on nails and a pink knitted scarf from Aunt Ammie, Curious George book from Mom and Dad. She had a great day. Emily made and decorated her a cute pink cake.
It was so nice to hang out and play with her and her new toys and have a nice family dinner.
After dinner things got real busy with putting up the Christmas trees and decorations. As soon as that was over we started packing and getting ready for our trip to California. We left for Disneyland on Monday Dec 1st. We met Mom and Dad and the girls for 5 days. It was beyond fun. I will get a slide show ready later on today. I have lots to report on DL.
Here are 2 cute videos. Love, Amber

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween

For Family night we carved our pumpkins. We grew pumpkins in our garden this year. It was so much fun to watch them grow and change color and then carve them. We cleaned the seeds out and then baked them. Michael loves to eat pumpkin seeds. Here is a video of the kids and their pumpkins.

Kenneth, Katie and their kids came trick or treating with us this year. We had a nice dinner and then we set out trick or treating. The kids had a great time with each other and they got a good haul this year!! Here is a video before we left. Enjoy.

Note: I think I have figured out my blog problem. I am so excited, I have alot to add.

Love, Amber